Merge two customer accounts into one

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I too am experiencing this issue and would love a solution. We launched encouraging our customers to create accounts but once parents realized they could earn loyalty points, they wanted to merge their individual accounts into a singular family account to combine their points. When is this going to be a possibility? It seems like there was very little thought that went into building out the backend of the software capabilities. There's a whole lot of buttons that just don't do anything and Shopify is mum on any and all issues being brought up. Would LOVE to get an update. 

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It would be great to hear an answer from Shopify on this one.  At least maybe a "we are working on it" type of answer would be appreciated! Does John O still work at Shopify, if so, he should have answered by now!

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I am having the exact same issue with a customer.

Help us, Shopify-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope.

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Still nothing!  Shopify team please get back to us on this asap.

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I found a solution that worked for me. I too was very disappointed with Shopify "gurus" not being able to fix some of the biggest issues with the order managing process. This obviously is one very big demand we all have, yet they'd rather say it's "impossible to change customer's email if the same email is associated to a diffent order" than to find a solution.

I will start by stating that I am in no way affiliated with the App I am about to mention, and that I have only been using Shopify for about 4 months now.

The way I was able to connect 2 orders with the same email was by using the app EditOrder.

1. Once you configure your prefered settings for the app, open the order you want to add the email to.

2. Under the "..." button on the top right hand corner, select EditOrder

3. Your order will now be opened under EditOrder. In the third entry field from the top under "Order Details", enter the email you want for the customer (yes the one that gave you the very same "Customer Email has already been taken" error!)

4. Click "Save" on the upper right hand corner.

5. You will now be able to see the merged order under the customer that had the email you entered!

I really want to give a huge thanks to EditOrder because they have also helped me immensley with another app for our business!

I hope this helps everyone!

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Hi John,

Are you still with Shopify? I've been following this thread but haven't seen any response from you or anyone at Shopify. At BigCommerce there are at least one BC employee response in each thread, and they have a voting system for enhancement/fix issues like this. 

We just moved to Shopify and we keep running into things like this. We could merge on the last system, and on many different patient mgmt systems I've used. I thought it was standard so I didn't even research it before we searched. Are there any plans to add this merge functionality, or at least a simple 'moved this order to another customer' type function? We run into it several times per day, so we're wallowing in duplicate customer accounts.


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Hey Gerard,

Thanks for your post. I checked with our higher level of support today and currently there is not a way to merge customers so that one account reflects both orders.

I also tried testing out ZEdonk ART's method with the Edit Order app, but was not able to replicate his work around. There is a 14 day free trial on the app however so for those of you interested you can test it out on a few orders. 

I wish I had better news for all of you, but I'll certainly update this thread if I come across another work-around or if our platform updates to include this feature.

I appreciate all the feedback here.

Thanks everyone,



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This issue is at least THREE YEARS OLD!  How long is it going to take for your development team to address genuine operational issues affecting the very clients that pay all your wages?

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I've had a similar issue, whereby a customer has made a typo when submitting their email when placing their second order with us. When they failed to recieve order confirmation – but saw that their account ahd been debited – they contacted our customer support.

The customer hadn't relaised that they'd made a typo, and asked that we resend the order confirmation. We tried but when we attempted to change the email, we faced the issue highlighted above.

It would be a slight improvement on the situation if you could CC order confirmations to an email address of your own – i.e. "orders@******". Then, you could at least search that inbox and simply forward the confrimation emails on to the correct customer account.

This customer went to social media, stating that we'd "taken (their) money but had no record of the order" – which was patently untrue, but we struggled to refute it without sending him screenshots of our back-end... not very professional.

Is there a chance that this issue could be rectified in the near future please?


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+1 for this please.

I have customers who use diffferent emails, and I'd like to merge their previous orders.