Merge two customer accounts into one

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Same issue. Literally boggles my mind that an issue like this can site for years with no solution. Basic functionality. It's almost like Shopify says, "Are a lot of our users going to unsubscribe because of this? No. Okay, then let's just frustrate those that need this functionality as much as possible." Seriously frustrated.

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Same issue, which also gums up the works when you have any sort of VIP system in place and completely makes the customer info and the "first order" "X orders" information useless.

Flabbergasted that this still isn't fixable.

-General Manager The Twisted Monk
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Good Evening!

  So while looking into the Edit Order App, I saw they added a Beta Feature that allows a workaround on this. Tested it, and had a few other Guru's take a look. Looks Legit. So a few Notes about it, then I will show how to make it work!



- This is a Work Around. It's nothing Officially Supported, and it uses a BETA Feature in the app. It is solely up to the App Developer if they will be keeping that Feature in the App in the future. I have Sent a Link to this Post to the App Developer though so they can see how it's being used :)

- This will copy the order with the changes and delete the original.  It will then generate a new order number.

- Make sure it is not restocking items (more on that below). If this occurs the customer will be refunded and re-charged. This will cause a huge headache for both [you] the merchant and the customers. Directions below on how to disable this feature.

- Customer MUST have a valid postal code and a Phone number on their account.


Installation & Setup.

I am going to assume if your reading this you know how to install an App. If you do not, you can find a document about it here:

Once the Edit Order App is installed you will be brought to a settings window with 4 Videos:

If you scroll down from there, you will find the settings that need to be changed:

The rest of the settings can be changed accordingly. Use your best judgement. Once you are finished, click the blue save button on the top right-hand corner.

Next, I will show you where to change the info on the accounts. For this test, I have 2 customer accounts made, and a Generic Order:

Test Customer One
Test Customer Two


In the Order Details section, you want to click to click the  in the top right-hand corner


Once in the order it will look like this:


After Selecting the name you will get a window like this:


Now it should show all of the 2nd accounts info. Your Almost Done!
Always Verify of Course!

Opening the Orders Page:

If you check on our customers' accounts:
Customer 1:

Customer 2:


Once you have moved all the orders from the Dead account, you can follow this Document on how to delete the old account:

Thanks for Reading my Post, and I hope it helps some people out.


-- Jonathan
-- Shopify Guru

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Looks like we would have to pay $20/month for an app to do something that should be part of the system. I'm not against apps (and use/pay for some already) but not for this. Sorry, unless it's an absolute fix (and not a workaround-app that costs $20/month) then there is no solution.

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You don't need an App for this. You need a script to run that you pay per use for that will clean up your customers. How much is that worth to you? Once you have your customers in order, cleaned... the rest is up to you, day to day simple monitoring and maintenance if needed. 

The recipe above using that App is one thing, but as you say, far from ideal. 

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+1. Please address this without needing a work-around / app.

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just adding one more requesting a solution to this. pretty much the same situation as the original post

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Really interested in this solution.  Some customers try to circumvent our 1-per customer limits by making multiple acounts.  I've had to remove those products and only offer them via POS.  The solutions that applications provide are too expansive and expensive for my business.

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We are primarily a POS shopify user, and this is a big issue.  In addition to other issues folks have noted, when a customer uses a second or third credit card a new profile is created.  Since the customer email is attached to another CC already, we get an error message that the email is already taken if we try to add it to the second profile.

As someone else noted, reaching out to is the best way to push this higher up the priority list.  The reply I got back was: "Merging customer accounts is definitely a feature that's been on the radar of our developers for quite some time and I agree that it would be super useful. In the meantime, I'll definitely pass this up to our developers as a feature request. If there are enough Shopify merchants requesting, the request gets pushed forward."

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Sorry but this is the standard BS from Shopify. This problem has been around for at least 3 years and has been rasied countless times. They simply can't be arsed to fix this critical problem impacting all serious Shopify clients...