Merge two customer accounts into one

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Simon is right on. There has to be some serious problem with the way that shopify built their relational database because they refuse to even address this issue on this forum. Given how well that they generally do their customer service, this is an issue that is beyond stupid. 

What shopify needs to do is address it. Are you EVER going to fix this in a system wide update later on or should everyone just accept that shopify has this huge problem and just move on?

Hello shopify gurus? Anyone in the office in Toronto know anything about this? How about at least a Candian style apology?

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Also affected by this, please Shopify add a feature to merge customer accounts and edit historical data so we can better serve OUR customers who have problems.

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Same here! Exact same situation! Any progress on a solution?

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Bumping - please sort, very common occurance for us.

A previous customer today placed an order and intentionally used an email address that was missing a letter in order to place an order and now will not get the confirmation email.

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this is absolutely mind boggling

it seems to me like this should not be a difficult issue to address? 

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Bump. We need this feature!

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PLEAAAAAASE Shopify! This is just another maddening problem on top of so many others. For what Shopify costs us to run, I'm getting so tired of workarounds and having to pay for apps to do things that Shopify ought to do on its own. So frustrating.

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If Big Commerce can do it, why can't Shopify?

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This is really annoying - we also need to be able to edit/merge customer records.  A good solution for us would be a 'merge' feature.  That is, combine customer A and all their order history into Customer B preserving email of Customer B.

Bigcommerce do it, Hubspot do it..

This thread will be 2 years old soon.. Cmon Shopify..!!

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Just another user who can't believe Shopify has not fixed this after 2+ years!!