Merge two customer accounts into one

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This is needed. It's a basic function.

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Fire me up a Kickstarter. For the modest price/goal of say...hmmm... $10K USD, I will write the code needed to fix this longstanding problem for merchants... any takers? I think that is a bargain... everyone spreads the cost around, and I get to do what I enjoy, fix problems. 

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Come on Shopify, this is basic CRM 101 feature... please!

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Circling back on this again, any updates?  This would be pretty nice, and is akin to having AC in a car in 2017.  Should be pretty much a standard feature.  :)

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Agree completely with last poster. The fact that we can't merge duplicate accounts is a mess and really should be standard. As much as I appreciate Shopify spending time spiffing up the dashboard and plastering it with "helpful hints", I'd take these essentials over the fluff any day. When Shopify? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

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Another user that requires this feature! Please sort!

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Waiting for an official solution to this as well.

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Unfortunately we will be retired before they ever do anything.  There is only one word to describe Shopify regarding this particular issue.  Pathetic!!  

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At least once per day I ask myself why I didn't use BigCommerce. This is another one of those moments.

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I can't imagine what a disaster this must be for folks who've been using Shopify for years. We're coming up on a year and our Customers section is going from messy to hot mess. Some folks have 4 or 5 profiles and after recently turning on Accounts for our website, we've got confused people reaching out every day.