Merging customers within Shopify

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We have a customer with 2 accounts, and would like to merge these into 1 account. Is it possible to merge customer accounts within Shopfiy?

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Gene!

Shopify does not currently have a function to merge multiple customer accounts into one I am afraid. 

The only suggestion I have at the moment would be to apply a tag to customers who do have multiple accounts so you can at least gain some clarity when viewing their profiles. 

Although I cannot provide any guarantees at this time, I will submit a request for this feature. :)


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This is so dumb!

We have an increasing number of customers (growing on a weekly basis) with at least 2 accounts generated when they mis-key their own email address.  

If you try and edit the wrong email address back to what it should be you get a error message "Email has already been taken".  So you and the customer are simply left hanging. 

Those customers will not receive any transaction emails (as its going to a non existant address) and whats criminally worse is you cant fix it !!

Shopify seems OK for toy users but when you grow into a real eCommerce site the holes appear and you realise it simply is not up to the job...

Oh and this issue it s least three years old - THREE YEARS!!!!!


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There's a thread on this here:  

The best way to fix this is to submit (and continue submitting) feature requests, which you can do by emailing Shopify via their form:

Or here:


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No, you can't able to merge 2 accounts into 1 account within Shopify

It always showing an error like ' email already taken'


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No, you can't able to merge two accounts into one account within Shopify.

It always showing an error "email already taken".

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Is there any solution to this yet??

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I aggree. Def need a way to edit cusomers. Merge Search and delete duplicates. As well as edit orders that. I dont understand whey they restrict us so much with such simple basic CRM

Totally agree, it's a super basic and needed feature!

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I can report - as of 8/27/17, this feature is still not available in Shopify. There are many things I LOVE about Shopify, but then something like this comes up where it seems to be a feature that most e-commerce sites want, but it isn't avaibale.