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Hi everyone!
I need some advice.
I want to migrate my Woocommerce store to Shopify, what is the best way to migrate without losing my SEO "Juice"?

I was going to use Litextension, but I'm not so sure if that will solve my issue.
I want to avoid 301 redirect which will cause a bit slower page load and just use the exact same URL to load my new Shopify page.

Is that even possible? is the Shopify URL structure can be the same as Woocommerce ?


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Hi @Yarinsha,

We are support team from LitExtension - The World-leading Shopping Cart Migration Expert. 

Unfortunately, each website has its own URL settings.

For example, in Shopify, your products’ URL will have the word ‘product’; categories’ URL will have the word ‘collection’. Therefore, it’s impossible to have the same URLs structure as your WooCommerce ones. 

The solution for preserving SEO ranking when migrating to WooCommerce is 301 redirects.

Thank you for considering LitExtension’s service. Using our service, we guarantee that your SEO ranking will be maintained. We will preserve your position on Google Search for the pages and products, which ensures no impact on your business development and performance. 

Feel free to contact us (contact@litextension.com) or chat with us via LitExtension’s website even when running the demo, we will support you dedicatedly and timely.

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Hi @Yarinsha 

How about considering another automated tool for Shopify migration - Cart2Cart service? It will help you perform an eCommerce migration in a fully automated manner with no business interruption (i.e., your store will be live during the switch). Unfortunately, you won't be able to preserve your SEO without 301 redirects. They are aimed to redirect your customers to the URLs of the newly-established store without any 404 errors after closing the previous one after migration.  So, it is better to consider using this additional option when configuring the data transfer.

All in all, migration with Cart2Cart is simple, fast, affordable, and doesn't require any tech skills. You will get 100% data security. Moreover, our extra migration options will make the transfer even more seamless. 

Also, make sure to try our free Demo migration option and test how the tool works.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.



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