Migrating Product Images in Squarespace Blog Posts to Shopify Blog Posts

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We just used litextension to migrate our Squarespace over to Shopify.  They did a great job!  Only question is, in our blog posts on Squarespace, we included products that were linked to our store (in Squarespace).  The products did not come over with the blog content.  It looks like the blogs are set up as a link to the previous blogs so there is no way to manually insert the images into the blogs that are on the Shopify site.  Does anyone have suggestions for how we can do this?  I'm wondering if I need to replace the products (that are linked to the Squarespace store) with images in the original blog post on our Squarespace site (it is still up and running until we get the Shopify site completed).  Or maybe there is an easier way than going back and editing all of the posts.  Would love any suggestions!


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Hi @sgjess ,

I understood your problems here. However, to further assist you I need to check on your Source and Target site to really see how things are currently displayed.
If you feel comfortable with that, please send me the links to your two stores and I'll get back to you.

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