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Hi Folks


Newbie so forgive me...


I am "I hope" in the last phase of migrating my site from Zoey. I have had to manually upload most of the products from the old store as the .csv template was a total mismatch.

There are 400 orders and around 800 individual products with many variations like size and colour.

There are still products that rank on google but are not available so I have not loaded them on the new site. There are products similar that I would point to instead.

I have also created new products in the new store.

I now want to make sure that I still keep my ranking when I change over but am not sure which pages or categories/ collections to put redirects on or how to do this.

I see that there is a redirect link in the menu section on the admin page but is as simple as copying the old URL and then putting it in?

Also does this work on external URLs?

My domain is hosted by an external host so when the site goes live instead of being oceansource.net/kitesurfing will it be oceansource.net/shop/kitesurfing?

So if I simply copy the old URL and add the "shop" in will this work?

The last thing is that I had languages on the old site for menus and headings and have heard that these too need to redirected or it can affect the SEO. Are these done the same way as the rest of the redirects?

I don't know how to test this as the domain is still on the old site. 

Would love to get this done externally but no budget I'm afraid so any help will be massively appreciated.

Many thanks