Minimal Theme Layout Issues

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I have some new issues happening with the Minimal theme. I haven't changed anything in my theme so not sure why it's started to do this.

1. Text is wrapping to below the thumbnail images as shown on this page:

I would like the text to continue down the right side of the page and not wrap.

2. Images are squished up against the text as shown on this page:

3. Without changing anything, videos on product pages have now become huge and show up under the thumbnails with the product description showing up under the video.  My video is set to 80% width and auto height. If I change the width to 25%, the video them shows up in the right-hand column. I know I can adjust this by going into each product and changing the location of the video as well as the size, but product pages weren't like this before this morning. Ugh 

Also, what's the code I put in to make the video centered? 

Example of this can be found on this page: