Missing data in inventory reports.

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The Month-end inventory value report and the snapshot reports worked fine up until June 2020.  Then they are blank for the next month, July.  I get a message, "No data found for the date range selected."  In troubleshooting, I confirmed that there are no filters added to the reports and that I do indeed have products available in my inventory section.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue for August - no data available. Does anyone know if this is due to other reports or data needing to be finalised? I really need this information! 

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I have just come across this problem!  I have data for September but nothing for October, do you know a way to fix this.  It is really annoying as we need to do a stock reconciliation and I just don't know what to do?

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Did you ever see resolution to this? We're trying to pull our year-end report for obvious reasons, and no data?!

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same problem. anyone find a solution?

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This happens every month.  The report doesn't appear until the first 5-10 days of the month.  I really don't understand - shouldn't this all be automated since inventory tracking is automated?

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Did anyone ever get an answer to this issues? I need this data today not 5 days from now. Every other month I can get it... My inventory has not changed in 2 days.. I get the other financial info  just not this...

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Still happening. Really disappointing that there is no answer for this. They say "It can take 12-72 hours before inventory changes appear in reports." but it seems it can be much longer.