Missing house numbers/street names from orders.

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Hey Guys!


I have never reached out on here before, but would really appreciate some feedback from staff/members.


We currently have around 6000 orders through Shopify per month and quite a few orders seem to have missing house names and street addresses - which majorly slows us down and causes headaches and added workload for customer service staff as well as customer dissatisfaction. 


Many of these customers blame autofill - and some customers just admit they probably didn't check the address properly.


Is there anything autofill related that could be causing this? If not, does anyone have any tips on ensuring the customer double-checks the address? I'd love for a pop-up option that asked the customer to double confirm the address or an app that validates the address BEFORE the end of the checkout. (currently apps only validate after checkout, and that's not helping us at all)





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Having the same issue!


Most of my customers who leave out house numbers check out with Apple Pay or Paypal Express - its very bizarre that these payment providers don't just migrate over all data fields.


Would also like a solution to this...