Monitoring inventory levels per collection

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Is it possible to monitor the inventory levels for each collection in your store, and export that data/ link it to other apps?


The perfect solution would be: 

Collection X = 1/10 products out of stock 

Collection Y = 7/10 products out of stock 

Even more perfect would be if we could look back historically. 


There are two main purposes for this: We'd like to be able to turn our google search ads off/ on dependent on stock levels, and being able to look back at inventory levels would give us more context to our performance analysis. 


If anyone knows of a way to do this natively, or any apps that do this or even get us part way there, that would be awesome!




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the stock level calculation is simple. SKUs are associated with collections using tags. One takes the SKU inventory and adds all for a specific collection gives you the availability for the collection.

A bit harder is the history of availbility. This requires inventory data for each SKU for each day which Shopify does not provide. If you want to move into that, you need to start storing inventory levels. Technically simple, but needs to be done and works future events only.

Firms run online ads for products which are unavailable or partly unavailable. Typically, shall one advertize pants when L and XL are unavailable making up 55% of the revenue?! We have developed a tool that allows to forecast coverage by volume and by revenue across SKU groups such as collections. The calculation includes current inventory, expected incoming deliveries and is not difficult, but there is of course uncertainty with the respective forecast algorithm.

A quick demo you may find here:

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Hi @AlexRootsPlants 

We'd be happy to set you up with a custom app (with a free trial) that

1. Gives you a report in the format 1/10 inventory out of stock for collection X

2. Helps export the data to a sheet and link it to other apps

Please email me at