Month and a half, no sales

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So I started dropshipping my store it hopes to make a general store for fashion, Accessories and just general trendy items.
So far I’ve had 1,062 visitors (from mostly paid promotions from influencers and FB/IG ads).
I’m now second guessing myself and wondering if I should’ve started a niche store instead of a general.
Any suggestions on if it’s worth it to start over after already building a IG following of 1k and with the amount of visitors I’ve obtained?

Any help appreciated!


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The catalog is kinda sparse.  There's some interesting and price-worthy products, I think.  But not much in there.  Two wireless chargers?  Do you know how popular those are becoming?  I don't have to see a statistical analysis of it to see there's an extensive variety of wireless chargers.  Even browsing dropshipping apps Oberlo and Chinabrands via Shopify, I see a ton of different kinds.  And in a wide price range.


Don't rely on IG / FB, etc. etc.  They're over-saturated with advertising and all kinds of products.  Facebook picks a small warehouse level number of products to advertise every week, and the garage sale type shop category is brimming with resales and used / refurbished goods.  It's all too overwhelming, not only for resellers like you and I either.  Customers are turning to content curation web sites, online shopping comparison tools / sites, and mobile apps to get shopping done faster and easier.  I read a headline today about China using AI-powered apps and stuff to do shopping for them.  I bet all that's needed is to enter a few preferences and then check what the AI came up with later, and send it back to work if the choices were lacking.  The whole IG / FB / SC thing is a farce.  It's the rabbit that's not in the magic hat and I, the reseller, am the magician without a clue.  So, instead of trying to do the niche thing, expand the catalog you currently have by 3-4x at least.  It's work, with all the product description editing and pricing, but it'll spur thought as to where to go to acquire visitors and shoppers.  Hit the switch to off for the IG crowd-gathering for now, and return when there's a new feature or a sale of new products or something to offer.  It's simply too competitive there, and the efforts are wasteful at best in terms of generating high traffic.  Look up "content curation web sites" and "e-commerce curation for sellers" or searches along those lines.  It's surprising to see how drastic things are changing, and how fast.  It could always be one idea to consider to create a micro-niche based on other criteria such as region / state / city, or college necessities and emerging interests, rather than trying to swoop up a whopping 3% of IG profilers who are into trendy backpacks from a sample size of 1-2,000.