More support needed for virtual (Zoom type) event sales.

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I just watched this video Shopify posted on their Facebook page offing advice on how to sell virtual events on Shopify:

As someone who is in the process of setting up a store just for this purpose, it is obvious to me how Shopify requires some important updates to enable people sell virtual events in a much more efficient manor.

The major flaw here, is the lack of ability to attach date and time fields to events (event start and end dates and times) which would enable for listing and sorting options for event products. As it stands, you would need to be very precise in the way you enter event products (newest product added ID) and even then, if you need to add or remove, that would mess the whole system up.

Also, as seen in the video by Shopify, they tell you to delete the or hide the event product before the event starts, but if the event item had a date and time attached to it, it could automatically expire and hide.

Given the popularity of virtual and zoom events currently - and just event sales in general - will Shopify be adding more support for these types of store owners?


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I also miss these features, I hope they will fix it