Move certain products out of an automatic collection?

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A designer did my site so I'm trying to figure out Shopify.

If you go to this page:

you see a bunch of jewellery products pop up and this is my apothecary collection with body products. So I want to move all the jewellery products out of this collection. When I go to a certain product:

I see it's been added to the body collection. I tried to go the body collection and add product type does not equal rings but that did nothing. I've read Shopify articles on collections but I don't get how to add or remove certain products to collections and I'm hoping someone can explain it. 

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Hello @escherprint !

Here is how you add and Remove Products from Collection:

From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All products. Click the product that you want to add to a collection. In the Collections section, select one or more existing collections. Click Save to add the product to all the selected collections

Remove Products From Collection
Step 1: Open Collection section. At the first step, go to your Shopify admin page. ...
Step 2: Choose a collection. Afterward, select the collection which you want to delete its products by clicking the name of it.
Step 3: Remove product from collection. Scroll down to see the Products section. ...
Step 4: Save changes

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I'm still missing something & ended up deleting the product completely.

I'm trying to remove a few products from a collection. I sign in to Shopify and hit Collection first and then I check mark the body collection and open it up so now I see the title visible and all the products underneath. I open up the product below (as I can't highlight or check mark it) and then all I see is delete product at the very bottom of that item.

Was I supposed to go the product first and check mark it and then go to the collection?

Also tried selecting the product going to collection clicking on body opening it & then see no option to remove from collection. I’ve tried going to the body collection checking it with check mark going back to product checking it the going to edit options & sleeting the remove from collection drop down but I get an open box that asks me to search for collection & when I type in body nothing shows up.

I’m so confused.

Appreciate your patience.


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This is an accepted solution.

Turns out the instructions form DigitalArtisans were for manual collections. I was going back and forth trying it over and over again with my sister and we couldn't get it to work. When I researched online I found these exact directions under manual collections.

Instead I contacted Shopify live chat and it turns out it was a condition I had set for my body collection where it said product does not contain shampoo so everything that wasn't shampoo was going into the collection including jewellery. So i had to delete that condition and add another condition and it's all working fine now.