Mr. Parker Reduce Image Size for Content Slideshow

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Hello! I will like to have a smaller square size (ex. 1000pxX1000px) for my image slideshow on the home page. I'm using the Mr. Parker theme. The image frame is too large for the desktop - hoping I can use an image scroll showing 3-4 plus images in this area at a time. I've been looking in the theme editor and no luck finding the code location. Does anyone know where I can locate to reduce the frame size? See my screenshots below. Thanks!Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 4.35.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-05-13 at 4.34.19 PM.png

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This is an accepted solution.

If you don't have CSS experience, I would strongly suggest you to find a developer to do these kind of tasks.

In order to be able to locate the code, you need to find out the element ID or class. Open the DevTools (F12) , select the element, copy the class or ID, open theme editor, go to Assets/theme.sccs.liquid, CTRL+F, paste the class or ID and you should be able to find. I am entirely speculating here, because the file names could be different etc. Once again, if you don't know what are you doing, don't. You can fix your problem, but it might arise somewhere else.

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