Mulit-channel Inventory management recommendation?

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I am looking for an affordable application (>$300/month) that will help with the following:

  • Aggregate orders from all marketplaces we sell on into once place so we have a clear view of total revenue/sales 
  • Help with inventory forecasting and planning; make recommendations on how much to order based on historical sales data 
  • Sync inventory levels across channels 
  • Manage and track POs; update cost prices for products as we enter in PO data 
  • Provide monthly reports for units sold, COGS, etc. 

I need this tool to integrate with:

  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • ShipStation

Is anyone aware of anything like this? I have been searching for months and have yet to find a solution that is user-friendly, simple to use, WORKS and is an affordable price.