Multi Language/Domain Store

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we're going to launch in multiple countries. I'm disappointed there is no real multi-lang solution on such a big platform as Shopify.


Ideal solution:

  • One account/admin
  • Multiple langs loads on multiple domains (.com loads English, .es loads Spanish, etc.) => the most "natural" solution for customers
  • 100% traslation including checkout, emails, products
  • SEO friendly for each language
  • In my dreamland, it also offers multi currency (going too far here, am I?)


I compared few apps and none can do this. E.g. Langify supports multi-domains but cannot translate products at checkout or notifications.

Is my only solution to have multiple Shopify accounts for each domain/language? Switching admins, adding products separately, etc.?

During the Reunite presentation, there was a part about multi-domain solution with languages, is this something that could solve my pain? If yes, is it coming in 3 months or 3 years?

Many thanks!

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