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we're going to launch in multiple countries. I'm disappointed there is no real multi-lang solution on such a big platform as Shopify.


Ideal solution:

  • One account/admin
  • Multiple langs loads on multiple domains (.com loads English, .es loads Spanish, etc.) => the most "natural" solution for customers
  • 100% traslation including checkout, emails, products
  • SEO friendly for each language
  • In my dreamland, it also offers multi currency (going too far here, am I?)


I compared few apps and none can do this. E.g. Langify supports multi-domains but cannot translate products at checkout or notifications.

Is my only solution to have multiple Shopify accounts for each domain/language? Switching admins, adding products separately, etc.?

During the Reunite presentation, there was a part about multi-domain solution with languages, is this something that could solve my pain? If yes, is it coming in 3 months or 3 years?

Many thanks!

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Hi there! Congrats on launching your business in multiple countries!

I agree for each individual markets, it's the best to have multiple domains, and you can set up one shop under each domain; each provides customers local languages, currencies in display and upon check out. For example,, for US and Canada market. Unfortunately, you need to have multiple Shopify accounts, each account manages one domain. You may duplicate your site, and set with translated content and currencies accordingly. 

Regarding to multi-lang tools, I am not an expert on that and won't give you suggestions on specific tools. While among your multiple-shop setting across countries, you can auto direct your visitors to correct site based on their locations. It prevents visitors getting lost among your sites and simply leaving, and boosts customer conversion rates bringing local to customers immediately. For example, you can use Geo Targetly. With its Geo Redirect tool, it detects your visitors' locations based on IP and auto direct them to their local sites. You can set up redirecting rules within a few steps for targeted countries/regions, each associates with the corresponding URL link. If you visitors is in Australia, and he clicks, it auto redirects him to

Hope it helps.


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Hi Martin

Did you find a solution? I have also been looking for a way to add a second language on our website - So far based on my research i crossed Langify and Weglot out because the checkouts would not be translated. This option Shopify Translation Lab app. looks promising, i will try it out and give you an update.



Shopify Translation Lab is an app that helps you manage different languages in a single store on Shopify. As usual, translation apps tend to maintain their own backend with translations and make big changes to the theme of your online store to give the translation sources.

Description from the app page:

How does Translation Lab work?

  1. Translation Lab allows you to translate your store's content in any language. You will have full control over the translation of each resource in your store - products, collections, theme, checkout, blogs, pages, emails & SMS, meta fields, shops, shop policy, payment gateway, links, product variants, etc.

  2. AI translations - translate your store instantly using Google’s state of the art Neural Machine Translation System.

  3. Translate with ease - with a 1-step setup and simple interface, Translation Lab is the perfect app for any Shopify business looking to go multilingual.

SEO Friendly

  1. Search engines will fall in love with your multilingual store, as they can index your site in all translated languages.

  2. Unique URLs are created for each translated page in your store. Meta tags and hreflang tags etc. are also detected and translated

Bulk Translations

The app allows for variant grouping for easy translations, e.g., translate all strings for a specific resource type (all products, etc.).

Export/Import Translations

Export any resource type to a CSV file format and automatically import translations.

Language Switcher

Place a customizable language switcher in your store with flags or language names.

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The Multi-currency feature is one of the most important features a business would require if planning on going global. When an e-commerce business wants to expand its customer base and boost its annual revenue, the Multicurrency feature can help. 

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