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Hi guys

I'd like to add a multi language app to my site.

Weglot looks pretty good but the theme developer discourage to use it though, as it is not using the native feature of Shopify when it comes to multi languages. He would recommend you to use Langify or any other app using the native multi language feature of Shopify.

Could someone confirm that Langify creates less issues than Weglot?


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After researching and reading reviews, i found this Shopify Translation Lab app - it sounds like a better alternative to Langify or Weglot. But it's up to you.

Reason i will not use Langify is because they mention that the checkout will not be translated - it remains in the base language




Hi! I would like to note that Translate & Currency LangShop app will perfectly cope with your task! LangShop supports native Shopify language API, so your store will be fully translated, even checkout page and third-party apps content. Support team is available 24/7 and ready to solve any issue!

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