Multi-Shopify Store to 1 URL & checkout page

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Hi gurus! I would like to explore the possibility of linking 2 Shopify stores (aka 2 fulfillment platforms) under 1 URL. I have an idea to link the “2nd store” under my navigation bar so customers can easily access items to purchase, but would like to find out if there is any way to code in a way that when customers add stuff to their cart and checkout, it appears as if they are shopping in one store.

However, on the backend, orders are received on 2 separate fulfillment platforms. The reason I need to manage them separate is because one category of stuff I sell are all pre-orders and require huge communication/ collab with customers throughout the entire order process, whereas another catergory of items are all in-stock. We are managing both on a single platform now and it’s a bit of a nightmare... there are times we miss out orders because of the logistical differences. 

If you think my proposal above is possible and you have a way to make it possible, I’d love to chat more to understand how we can work together.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to your input and suggestions.