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Hello Shopify-Community,


I just registered at Shopify and am not familiar with it yet. 

Before I start using it, I want to ensure that Shopify fulfills my needs and I hope that you can help me to find that out.

I am planning to create an online-marketplace, where multiple vendors can register to offer their products and where customers can register to buy from those vendors.

Is there a plugin for that?

Thanks and kind regards,


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Hi @Anonymous 

Multi-Vendor Marketplace by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd is an excellent tool to convert your regular online Shopify store into a functioning marketplace just like Amazon or eBay. With the facilitation of this app, the process of listing sellers and tracking their sales would be a lot easier. I've found this app by researching a list of 29+ best marketplace apps on Shopify. Kindly take a look and find the most suitable app for your business!

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.
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Do any of these apps allow my vendors to set up their own payment gateway. I am using one of their apps.  and I can not seem to get it to set up automatic payments to my vendors. I do not want to have to manually pay my customers from each of their sales. I am new to setting all this up and it has been very frustrating.

I am seriously thinking about finding a whole different platform to set up a Marketplace for vendors to shop if it is going to be this difficult.

I am not charging commissions to my vendors, they pay a small subscription to my service and they should be allowed to set up their own Payment Gateway, Their own Shipping preferences. Neither option seems to exist.

If I add more apps I then will charge me more. It will be difficult for me to get any vendors at this rate and make the whole marketplace obsolete.

Patiently waiting your response.


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There are many plug ins for it but they are difficult to understand and don't seem to offer any payment gateways where your customers can automatically accept payments.

You have to manually payout your vendors and that could be a nightmare.  If you find any that offer the payment gateways please feel free to message me. Thank You and Good Luck.

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I am also very disappointed with this app for Shopify! I am trying to set up a new marketplace and cannot get the correct support! The app is so highly rated. Did you figure out your problem?