Multi Vendor Store

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I am considering using Shopify to set up a multi vendor market place. So far it has been impossible to talk to anyone real. I have a few questions obviously.

1. Does the multi-vendor market place allow customers to communicate directly with a vendor about a product or about an order status or about returns/problems with products?

2. Is it possible to setup payments so they go directly to the vendor when a purchase/order is made?

3. Do vendors have much control over their individual store within the market place in terms of adding and providing detail of product.

4. Does the customer capability allow for searching on vendors as well as products and product categories?

5. I will be working on a monthly fee that vendors will need to pay for a store within the market place and will be charging a small transaction fee on every purchase (this will not be a commission and will be paid by the customer not the vendor). Is this possible?