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Good morning everyone,

we sell bottles of oat milk on our website ( We have three different flavors (A, B, C). We sell packages of 4 or 6 bottles that can include bottles of the same flavors (for example 6 x A) or they can be mixed packages (for example mixed packages of 4 bottles contains 2xA, 1xB, 1xC). We have different locations, because we use the bikes local delivery to fulfill the orders in different cities. 

What we need is to set a proper inventory tracking of our bottles (and not packages!) along our different locations. When an order is received by us, the delivery is associated automatically to the right location looking at the ZIP code of the customer and the location linked with this ZIP code emits the delivery. What is missing, is the inventory management. In fact, we want that once the order is placed, the inventory is deducted from the right location amount and in the right quantity. Thus, we need that the when a mixed 4 bottles packages is sold in Milan, the inventory of product A decreases of 2, the inventory of product B decreases of 1 and the same for product C in the Milan warehouse location. The same can happen in the Rome location.

We tried with Connected Inventory app, that is great in order to connect the inventory of the bundles, but it is not able to assign bundles to different locations. In fact, it asked us to choose a main location from which deduct all the inventory of each orders. So, the inventory decreases every time in the main location, even if the fulfillment is done by another location. 

Does someone has some hints for us? Some suggested apps or do we have to develop an ad hoc code to assign bundles to different locations? 

Thank you so much for your help!



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We have developed our own bundling app that lets you track the inventory of bundled product based on components and when the order is placed we actually split the bundled product into the individual components for easier processing and fulfilling. If you have the different inventory locations set up in Shopify or another platform that we could assign inventory for orders from certain locations. We actually developed a locations option for one of our users who has multiple retails outlets and automates their order processing based on which store can fulfil earlier. The only step we are missing for your scenario is to have a zip code range mapping for each location. 



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