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I've been scanning apps for hours now but haven't found what I'm looking for.  I'm a sole trader in the UK and looking for a way to produce multibuy offers, i.e. BUY 2 SHIRTS FOR £X.  I've googled, I've looked at threads in here, but I can't afford to pay a huge fee for this (all the apps I've looked at seem to be $14.99 a month or higher which over half my profit at the moment).  The free trials offered on most of the apps are also ridiculously short and don't give smaller stores like mine enough time to test it given that I have maybe 20 customers a week at the moment.

Is there a way around this other than jumping ship to another platform?  Can someone recommend an app that might save my sanity?

Shopify admins seem to recommend the Bold app but I can't justify the cost right now.


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You can apply an automatic discount to specific products when you buy more than a minimum number of that product (e.g. 10% off when you buy two or more).

Just go to 'Discounts' on the admin page and select 'Automatic-Discounts'.  It is fairly self explanatory after that.

There are of course alternative options you can select.