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Hi all, I've searched in this forum and could find some answers but my issue is so specific that I've decided to ask for help. 

We have a Gift Box online shop and all boxes are sold as a set - we do not sell any individual items. For example if you buy one box you will get chocolates, coffee, thermal cups... but you can't purchase just a chocolate or a coffee, also you can't create your own set. 

So I am having a hard time to find an app that will manage my stock in total. When I sell a box I have to deduct from my stock one of each item that goes inside. The app I was using for bundle required the items to be sold individually so then they could bundle - which is not the case. 

To make it harder, the boxes have variables. 6 different greeting cards and also chocolate flavors that you can pick. 

If someone could please suggest an app that would manage my inventory properly, I really appreciate. 

Thank you. 


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Hi Rafaella

The data flow for what you are after isn't too complicated. You would capture your orders on a schedule, break them down into the kit components and update your master inventory. At this stage you would then push the new inventory levels into Shopify. The main complication you have here is that you would then need to manage your stock levels from the master inventory application not Shopify. Unless you have other requirements I don't think you would need an advanced inventory application but rather some automations around your orders.



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Hey @huggedgiftboxes 

If each gift box can be its own SKU, then you can use Trunk to do bundling/kitting and keep everything synced in real-time. Check out the materials example here:

In the app store:

⚡Sync your stock levels + bundles/kits in real-time between any number of Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, Squarespace, Square stores with Trunk
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Hi @huggedgiftboxes,

It sounds like the products you have setup are bundled and being sold. Shopify doesn't provide bundle management by default. But if you have a bundle and want the inventory quantity to be deducted when it is sold, I'd recommend checking out:

Then once you have your bundling configured correctly I would suggest using an inventory planning app such as 

Hope this helps!