Multiple Languages + Domains

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I want to translate my store into multiple languages. Each language should be available on its own domain. Eg. will be in German and will be in Spanish.

As far as I know, Langify can do this. However, the app cannot translate the whole store (products and checkout).
On the other hand, Weglot can translate the whole store but I cannot use multiple domains.

Is there a solution for both, please? Or at least use subdomains, but have a true 100% translation including checkout?

I'm want to avoid URLs as as they're not trustworthy. I would like to have a dedicated national domain for each language.

Many thanks!


Hi @enqep 

I guess you should try Translate & Currency LangShop app as far as it supports multidomain/subdomain feature from Shopify as well as Shopify language API. Yes, by default it has hreflang like, but you can adjust visibility of one language per one domain without such links. 24/7 team is always ready to assist