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Ok, this is driving me crazy. As a Wordpress user as well as newly getting acquainted with Shopify I find the functionality to have room for improvement, particluarly in the adding photos department. It's hard not to compare Shopify's interface with Wordpress as they look and function very similarly in many ways.

I have an online store that I am also using as a site to show potential clients my work beyond the sale of products. So I had the blog feature be converted into a portfolio of sorts. 

When you go to upload multiple pictures in the products you can shift click to add more than one. So that's cool. But when you post a blog you can't but add one photo at a time. No dragging/dropping. No shift clicking. One at a time. You can however, drag/drop the feature image. I'm just confused as to why this the actual blog posts are limited to the single uppload at a time.

You can save time, allegedly, by bulk adding in the Files part of the account but it crashes every time. And I have tried adding a wide array of numbers of photos to see if there is a limit. It has never worked, small or large numbers. This would only save some time. You would still only have to select them indiviudally to add them to the blog post.

Has anybody had this problem and is there a fix?

Thank you




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Shopify Staff
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Hey Brian!

Wesley here from the Shopify Guru team! That is a super good observation, you should be able to insert multiple photos at once to a blog post. I'll submit a feature request on your behlaf to our team here and see if there is any possibility of adding that functionality to the Rich Text Editor. :)

The bulk uploads crashing is a completely different issue that I would want to hear more about. What does the crash look like? Are you able to upload just one photo at a time or just nothing at all? Can you upload other files like PDFs or text documents? Let me know and I'll open up a support ticket for you on that issue and we can discuss it more!


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Hello Wesley, 


I am suffereing from the same problems. The blog is a huge part of our business as it sends alot of traffic to the site but each blog posts takes ages to do becuase it take so long as one has to upload pictures individiually.  Could you help me out as well on this issue?


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Hey Wesley,

I also am looking to mass upload images to a blog post.

Are there any updates as to whether this is possible?



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Hi there guys

this is also a feature i don't understand why does not currently exist. Has anyone developed this so it works? i have image heavy blog posts and it is really time consuming to do one image at a time even thought i have alreayd uploaded the files using the 'file' management part.

please help asap


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Still no movement on this. I'm working on uploading 40 images to the blog as a gallery style post. Silly that I have to upload one by one. This seems like it would be a very easy fix as shopify already has areas where I can add multiple photos in places. Let me know if you need specific feedback - but I think it's pretty straight forward.


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Super frustrating there isn't a better way to do this. Even if uploading them all in Files works (doesn't work when your files are super big - save for web at an appropriate size and they'll upload) It still is super annoying to then have to place each link in the post. A drag and drop feature similar to adding product photos would be ideal. I know a good blog isn't high on Shopify's priority list but I think a few simple improvements would make creating a blog so much less painless. 

1. easy drag and drop image uploading

2. an expandable or even just bigger blog editing window. that thing is sooooo tiny! whyyyyyyy! it's so small!

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I too would love this! I am going to have photo heavy posts and would love a quicker way to upload them.

Shopify please make this feature a little more user friendly in the back end

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11 months and counting Shopify. Is this feature going to be added?


I would like to see this feature too. I just got back from an international trip for my business and I'd love to do a blog post with all of my photos. I am finding that uploading images in a blog post one at a time is difficult and time consuming!