Multiple discount at checkout

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I don't know how this has been marked as 'resolved' as it's still an issue on Shopify.

We want to run an automatic discount promotion and offer a discount reward for signing up to receive newsletters at the same time, but can't.

I appreciate you have 3rd party apps to solve these solutions, but we are forever adding more apps to the site to fix issues Shopify should have by default. Adding more apps reduces the site speed and opens more security issues, as they often need to tap into all the data stored on the website.

Please let me know if this is something you are going to work on any time soon. I've already submitted a request for your URL's to not include /collections, /products, /pages etc before Google can read the Key Words we have set up in the URL's for a reason, but the requests for that feature go back years and years...but no changes have happened.

Shopify is great, but updates to the platform don't seem to exist. Not good.

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true. it's already 2021 but still they do nothing to solve this.

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Seeing as it’s 2021, and still NO HELP IN RESOLVING OUR ISSUES with multiple DISCOUNT codes.

what great “APPS” is there that can help this issue?

ive downloaded a few, and NONE so far help me add free shipping & a discount. 

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Hey @LuluBell23 I believe you can get around offering free shipping in conjunction with a discount by setting the terms of FREE shipping in the shipping profiles, you can select either over a certain amount or a few other options. You can even run a free shipping weekend for example just by manually changing the profiles for a certain period of time.

Free shipping can be added as a shipping option based on the standard
shipping rules for Shopify in the admin allowing other discount codes to be
applied to an order however if for some reason you need to stack multiple
discounts we have a solution to that here

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Hi Peter,

I too want to vote for this stacking coupon feature. 



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Add us to the vote. We need this feature

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Add us to the list please. I really want to make less money by having multiple discounts.  In all seriousness.


Also you really should work on getting that magic wand. Surprised you don't have it already.

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Agreed, please add us to the vote for stackable discounts.

Our issue is that we send out a discount code to all customers who have left items in their bag. However we have a 5% discount running at all times this means our discount can't be added and thus the email feature becomes semi-redundant.

Is there a way that the larger discount becomes the dominant one at checkout or is that what stackable means?

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+1 vote for this feature. This would allow shop owners to be so creative so marketing/discounts can be highly tailored to our business' individual needs. This limited functionality prevents us from offsetting high cost of shipping, which would drive sales, without being as damaging to margins as free shipping.

This thread's been going for a couple years since and is currently at 48 pages. How long will it get before Shopify delivers?