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Hi there - has there been any update to applying stacked discounts? It would definitely be useful. I can site many personal scenarios where I would like it to apply, but think that has been done ad nauseum. Appreciate help with this as we progress toward BFCM sales and online shopping will be bigger than ever.

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I also use Hulk apps and it used to work, but we've had many people reach out in the last 2 - 3 weeks that the discounts are no longer working from our loyalty program or the birthday discount. So something has changed recently that made these stop working together again.


So add our vote to having this as a native feature in Shopify. We need stacked discounts and more than 1 automatics discount at a time as well as allowing automatic discounts to apply to a specific customer group, or limiting it to 1 use per customer (basically same as regular discounts). 

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Hi there,

We just released a new Discount Stacker app (

The app will allow all types of discounts to be stacked as many times as needed.

Let me know if you have any questions,

- Helper Tools

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Again: we don’t need this as an app. There are already dozens of apps that
do this - all of them introduce incompatibilities. We want this feature
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I use the same app, but the app creates an "automatic discount" which is why i cannot use promo codes too. How can you?

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I agree - this is extremely frustrating, very disappointed with Shopify on how they're handling this request. If it can't be done just tell us. 

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Sure would be nice if a 3 billion dollar company could provide such a basic feature, so the rest of us 5 figurers could afford turkey meals or maybe even a holiday off some time.

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The automatic discount feature should be able to be used more than 1 time for things like free shipping over X amount, and quanity based evergreen discounts. (ex: buy 1, get 1 1/2 off) This could potentially solve a number of issues I've read in this LONG ONGOING thread. 

The multiple/stacked discounts being used, should really be a non issue by now. Why can't we at least allow customers to "Apply" codes one by one? Still not ideal, but at least it becomes possible without some error popping up, and customers don't abandon the entire process in frustration. 

Adding insult to injury, I'm finding out this is an issue because I'm running Black Friday Ad's &  allocating $ to marketing too. Creating credibility/trust issues w/ checkout, and opportunity cost likely mounting - how is this still not a priority??? 

Triage this issue and fix it already, please! 

P.S. Is it possible to just go and pay someone to code it? Any successful, confirmed workaround, or app? 

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I asked a web develop if they could code it, but they said:

"I'm afraid that's not something we can do with the theme code. That is all
controlled by Shopify".
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This is so aggravating. I've had Hulk apps since I moved to Shopify from Weebly 3 years ago, but now suddenly its having TONS of problems. I've emailed them and they've "fixed" their issues around a dozen times, and now today, it all went to shit, on black Friday of all days. Today, I did half the sales amount of last year and have received dozens of emails from customers that were unable to use the coupon codes. I'm sure there's at least that many more customers that just clicked off and didn't bother emailing. What a complete failure.