Multiple discount at checkout

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We have a busy eCommerce website and it was a fine line choosing Shopify over other options. Things like this can easily persuade us to drop Shopify and move the site elsewhere

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Please add my vote to this feature request. It makes it very challenging to compete with other businesses in our market that do not run into this problem because they are not using your service in the first place. It seems counter productive to leave this feature out as it is a standard for many other e-commerce services.


It does not fill us with confidence when we are locked into a system (Shopify) and then not have to option to change due to the lack of these features because we have cemented our shop's foundation into this service. 

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Add my vote as well for multiple automatic discounts application. I can really solve our existing problems.



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I don't know why this is marked "solved. We have free shipping to local zip codes (which you don't seem to be able to program automatically, only by state) and then product discounts, but only one can be used at a time. Obviously I want my local customers to be able to get BOTH the free shipping and discounts, without a customer service song and dance.

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Geeze what app is that?

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@JDProductions if you're asking me, it's Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union. With this app my current promotion is....

Buy 4 of item1 get 10% off

Get 4 of item2 at 20% off since you bought 4 of item1

Get 10% off of item3 since you purchased item2

Get 20% off item4 since you met our tiered criteria.

Get item5 FREE since your purchase as > $10

My customers can take advantage of all these promotions at once without entering a single code.

This promotion includes:

1. Tiered Promotion

2. Buy X Get X

3. Free Gift

4. Bundle Discount

5. Bulk Discount


Have not used this feature yet but, with this app your customer can pick if they want to use the app promo or a code you gave or both at the same time.


What sucks is... I have to pay another monthly fee AND conflicts with a Rewards App. The conflict is because a Rewards App auto-generates codes like this app does. 

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Thank you for letting me know about a custom script. I guess I can see if someone can do this for me. Never thought of that! Thanks! :-)

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Adding my request to this list. I'd like to allow my nearby friends to shop online and be able to bypass shipping (since I'll hand-deliver their orders). I created a free shipping code but that should be available in addition to my "friends and family" discount.

Thank you