Multiple items within a single item

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Hi Everyone!  This is my first shop

I have an idea for a store where there needs to be multiple items within one purchasable item.

For example, I sell customized cans of 3 tennis balls.  Each tennis ball can have one of 5 colours.  I understand the concept of variants and know how to create these so I can have an item where the user can choose a colour.  Where I am stumped is I want to be able to have the user choose the colour of each ball.  As mentioned above, each ball can have one of 5 colours.  Can I do this without having to have the user add each ball to the cart separately but instead have the user select the can of balls as an item and then for each tennis ball in the can, select the colour?  Sorry for being repetitive, just want to make myself clear

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I haven't tried this yet, however, found the link yesterday when troubleshooting a different issue.

Believe this is what you are looking for.