Multiple shipping locations and various SKUs

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Our supplier has multiple warehouse locations. If the product is bought in the UK or US the product will be sent from there and not from China. The problem we are facing is: since we don't want our Customers to have to choose where the product will be shipped from, what can we do so that when an order comes from the UK the SKU corresponds to the one from the UK?

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I have the exact same issue! I am new to Shopify and selling a product which supplier stores in China, US, and EU. 


Someone, please help? Thanx in advance

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Hi there,


You may have already solved this problem, but if you haven't I thought I would let you know that our product is built to automate orders that need to be sent to different warehouses. It sounds like this might be the problem you are facing? You can choose all orders delivered to the UK, for example, are then distributed by a specific partner. Please contact me if I can help!