Multiple stores under same account - or separate basic accounts?

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Hello people.  I am new to this, and confused somewhat.  I have one store running under a basic account.  I just upgraded that account to the $79 per month plan, which gives me three stores, as I plan to launch a new store selling totally different products.  I assumed that I could simply log into my shopify account using the email address I have always used, and then open a new store.  I figured both stores would then be under two admin pages, with each admin page separate to the other.  I can't see a way to do that anywhere?  Under the login page where you enter your email address, there is a link that stays 'create new store'.  When i click that, it takes me to a trial period page and says 'already have a store?'.  If you click that (already have a store) it takes you back to the login page which says 'create new store' and you get stuck in a loop.

I have just been told it's easier to simply create a whole new shopify account with different login details, and pay $29 for each account.

What is the best way to do this can anyone help?  I have wasted hours on this, fishing around the admin page, settings, account details trying to figure it out but I am getting nowhere!