Multiple tier discount based on dollar amount spent

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Hi I'm looking to create a multiple level discount for our customers. The example would be:

Spend $100 get 10% off
Spend $200 get 20% off
Spend $300 get 30% off

Is there a way to do this or is there an app that can do this? 

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Hi there!  My name is Ashley - I am new to Shopify, so I don't know the ins-and-outs yet, but I have a suggestion for how you could go about setting up a multiple-tier discount.  I hope this is what you are looking for!

From what I can tell, you can't set this up as a single discount.  However, you could set up 3 separate discounts to get the same results.

1.  Go to your "Dashboard".

2.  Select "Discounts". 

3.  Select the blue "Add a Discount" button in the top-right corner of the web-page.  

4.  Type the name of your code in the blank box under "Discount Code".  You could call them "Buy More Save More" or something related to your discount like "Spend $100, Save 10%".  In here, you can alter the number of times a customer can use the code.  For example, leaving the "No Limit" box checked allows customers to use it as many times as they want.  If you only want the customer to be able to use the discount once, uncheck the "No Limit" box and enter the specified number of times it can be used.

5.  Under the "Discount Type", select the "% Discount" from the drop-down.  Take "10"% off for "Orders over" "$100".

6.  Select the time period you want the discount to be in effect.  

7.  Select "Save Discount".  

Do the same steps, but change them based upon $200, and $300.  


Hopefully this is what you are looking for, or at least can guide you in the right direction!  I apologize if it isn't exactly what you are looking for!  

Good luck!



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Thanks for your input Ashley, but your solution requires the customer to educate themselves about which discount to use. 

As always, I want to make it as simple as possible for the customer. This means one discount code that will self calculate based on order size. 


Any other app developers out there making this type of discount code?

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Hi Eugene, I was doing some look-see into what you were asking about, I found an article on multiple tier discounts.  The article suggests using apps from the store, two are listed as recommended; I posted a link below

Hope it helps


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This question was not answered. Are there any other apps for this?

Those apps only do QUANTITY discounts, not MONEY SPENT discounts. Very different things. 


How does this still not exist? I tried using Bold's Quantity Breaks app, but that requires the discount to be based upon # of units bought/quantity instead of overall $ spent.


I'm trying to create one discount code that will enable the following discounts:


$10 off orders over $60
$20 off orders over $80
$30 off orders over $100
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Is there a solve for the below of creating one discount code that enables dollar off of dollar spent?

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Was this question ever answered?  I'm still looking for a way to apply a tiered discount based on the amount of $$ spent NOT quantity of items purchased. Example

15% off if you spend $50 or more

20% off if you spend $100 or more

and so on...


Is there an app out there that will do this?

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Hello-  Was shopify able to help with this?  I've been searching for a multiple tiered DOLLAR spend threshold discount app and cannot find one anywhere still.  All of them only offer one "goal" so can't do multiple tiers, and the others are all quantity based.

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App Selly has motivator feature that may help you.


You can set up as many goals as you want.

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