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I have a product that has 150+ different designs.  It is tumbler cups and they are all custom made to order.  What would be the best way to post them?  I thought about doing it all under 1 product with all the variants, and i thought about adding in each one as a product but that may be a while to do.  Any ideas or thoughts would be great.  Thank you in advance

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This is an accepted solution.

@jpack84 ,

Shopify has limitation of 100 variants for a product, however there are couple of ways you can work around

1) Use an app like infinite options

2) Do customisation using meta-field or line item properties

3) categorise them in few abstract options and then create 2 or more products where you won't exceed the limit.

Do check this out you would see close to 700 variants are available without any app but doing custom modifications

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Thank you very much for the reply back.  I was considering splitting them up to smaller variants.