Multiple variants of pre selected group

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Hi everyone, 

 I am really new on Shopify and don't posses much of a coding skills, currently building my very first website. I am using Supply Theme and Gem Pages as page builder.

 I would like my customers to be able to select multiple variants or inputs for a single product. We have a custom box of our product and we want to be able to allow our customers to be able to select which product they want inside. Basically out of 21 items they can choose 5 different types. The products are in collection page with photo and quantity number bellow the actual box. Also need to install counter above the add to cart button counting from 0 to 5 and a pop-up message, if a customer tries to add 6th product, saying that the limit is 5 per box. 

Please, do let me know if there's a app able to do that or a code. Thanks in advance!

Wish you all the best!