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Hi everyone, 

Shopfiy newbie here. Well I say newbie have built a full site on developer program and its amazing. 

So, my question is all around launching multiple country based sites, based on currency and language. 

I have a site, on a .com (I own the as well), but want to launch the business in a new country, for example, France, so .fr TLD 

I will also purchase the TLD for each country I launch in so www.(domain).fr 

However, I'd like to simply have the country TLD redirect to the relevant subdomain folder https://fr.(domain).com or https://www.(domain).com/fr - which ever works best to allow those in France / french speaking countries to view my site in French along with the products and buy the goods in Euro's. 

I don't really want to open multiple Shopify accounts as I want a centralized inventory system that will keep track on stock in each location, so I will have a warehouse in the UK to handle all UK / Ireland orders and perhaps one in France to handle French / European orders, but only have 2 inventory locations on the Shopify backend.

I want to ideally repeat this process a few times across multiple countries. 

Site will be based in English, with the option via a dropdown for the shopper to choose relevant language to them. 

Currency will automatically change based on the language or GeoLocation. 

If any order comes in from UK / Ireland it is sent to the UK office, but if France / Europe goes to the French office, but UK office gets a copy as well. 

I think I've covered everything, it would be good to know what people think and what I should be looking at. 


Many thanks. 



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Hi there, I have similar questions - did you get any help?

I currently have a UK based site but I have moved to France. I’d like to adapt my UK site to have French options/language/Euros and as a drop shop business have the orders fulfilled and shipped in the relevant country.

I tried adding other currencies but it triggered a whole bunch of issues around taxes that I couldn’t resolve. 

I was thinking I might get a French domain too rather than have two sites or have to rebuild from scratch.