My Collection with all my primary products has disappeared! Help!

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HI Shopifiers!"

I'm pretty freaked out right now.  I have been working on setting up my store.  I have designed almost 300 face masks.  They were all in one Collection.  

I then started to nest other categories under that topic in the MENU.  I had 3 more niche related categories (back-to-school, sports, etc.)  I was updating a mask

that was exported from a print-on-demand app and all of a sudden, everything was gone.  

My homepage has nothing, just the theme set up.  I am finally getting some traffic to my store and am embarrased that there is nothing to see.

It also says this page "does not exist"   

This can't be happening.   Has this happened to anyone else or can you steer me in the right direction or am I screwed?!!


Thank you