My Customers Keep getting an error "EMPTY CART"

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This has been happening for almost a month now and no one has been able to help. I have had customers reaching out that when they add things to cart, and then go to check out the cart is empty. 

- they have tried from multiple devices, browsers, cell phone, laptop, work laptop, desktop

- this not happening for every customer, so far it seems like only some customers from the US

-it happens with random products, so its not even the same product everytime

-i have not been able to replicate this issue from my end

- shopify support hasn't been very helpful and in the end deleted a lot of our code that ended up causing problems that we had to get an app developer to fix

i'm just frustrated at this point as this has happened at a very busy time in our sales cycle and who knows how many customers have had this problem and not reported it. it is also impossible to get through to anyone right now with shopify. im tired of explaining my situation over and over and answering the same questions and basically being told that since the error is not duplicatable, its not  real problem.

is there anyone out there that can help with this? or anyone that can shed some light on why this might be happening?  


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I am having this issue too!  Customers cannot add items to cart and I am losing sales!!!  Please help ASAP  I have not changed or updated anything on my theme.  I am using the impulse theme.


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