My Shop was Shut Down by Etsy ~ How to start over??

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Long Story Short ~ Etsy booted me because I was selling a Hello Kitty Bracelet.  I bought the charm thru an Etsy shop and I was not aware of the infrigment laws of reselling it on a piece of jewelry I made.  My Bad!  No excuses.  But my Shop on Etsy was so profitable the last couple years that I quit my day job.  I now have nothing but tons of inventory.  I love what I do so I want to make a go of it on Shopify but I have been up and running for a month and I do not know why I am not getting the sales I was on Etsy.  Is it my shop?  My pictures?  I use $5.00 a day on Ad Words. (All I can afford).  Please help with suggestions.  ~ Jules at

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Social Media Marketing is your best friend!

In my opinion, Ad words and other paid advertisements are a waste of time in comparison to what you can get from social media marketing. Jewelry is a booming market in the instagram world. Somewhat saturated depending on the jewelry you sell, but there will always be an audience. You said you have a lot of stock. Do some research on instagram to find influencers that have a good following. Check their comments to see comments like "that necklace though! does anyone know where she got it!?" and check their bios to see in they have emails. 

If they do, that's where you come in. Drop them an email telling them you will send them an item or two if they post about it and tag your instagram page. If they agree, set up EXTRA cute packaging and mail it off to them. Packaging really does carry a lot of weight as people make it seem. Include something personal like a note and candy maybe! 

Do that to about 10 very top rated influencers and wait.

Patience is key.

Just keep doing what you do and be patient.


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It's most likely you aren't seen even a fraction of the traffic your Etsy sore was seeing. You were listed in a highly searched marketplace on Etsy. That's why you pay Etsy 12% of your revenue. Those same people won't find your new shop unless you get in front of them.

Here are some ideas:

  • Put your products up on Amazon (another highly seached marketplace)
  • Run Facebook Ads targeting your demographics, regions, and interests around your products. Target people that like Etsy
  • Launch a referral program so those that do buy are incentivized to share with the world
  • Launch an affiliate program so bloggers/social influencers are incentivied to drive traffic to your site
  • Post on forums or reach out to forums to run advertising
  • Target etsy shoppers on Google with Search advertising.


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I think I would appeal to Etsy to reconsider. With Amazon Handmade coming online soon, they should be receptive to keeping a shop which does real volume. I would attempt to speak to someone by phone for this.


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Hi Julie

Etsy comes with the benefit of bringing their existing audience, who comes to the site searching for goods and you were part of that search. 

That is now something you have to build on your own now that you have your own shop on Shopify (also a great advantage in itself, for many reasons).  Have you tried other (mostly free) marketing methods to help bring in traffic, such as:

  • Posting frequently to social media, especially visually-driven networks such as Pinterest and Instagram?
  • Tried different email newsletter campaigns?
  • How about a referral program to help harness the power of your existing customers? There are many Shopify apps to help.
  • Contacting countless blogs, social accounts and websites that may be interested in featuring your jewelry? There are probably endless possiblities as long as you can invest the time.
  • Try investing some of that AdWords money to social media advertisting, ie Facebook or Twitter, and comparing the results.

From a website design perspective:

  • More professional photos can help, but if that's not in your budget right now I think yours are serving their purpose. 
  • I would suggest making your photo sizes consistent (ie all square or widescreen), so your shop pages are cleaner.
  • Your long product titles are descriptive, but a bit hard to follow. Can you break up the quote and the details (you could use title and type and vendor fields, potentially, or Shopify meta fields).
  • Try to build a little story behind your brand... some photos of people wearing the jewelry, showing what type of cusotmer(s) you have and what the lifestyle behind them and your products is. That is a larger discussion but something to think about.

Hope some of this helps!



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I agree. Etsy is less and less handcrafted. They have a ton of big box brands selling now that drive huge amounts of volume for them. They are being hypocrtical if they shut down your store because it wasn't handcrafted.

You can also apply for:

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Surely you could just start another etsy shop?

I sell via etsy, depop, ebay and shopify