My Shopify Payments was disabled for no reason...

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I got an email from the Shopify Risk Operations Team that I could no longer use shopify payments as a payment provider because apparently my business was  "identified as presenting an elevated level of risk for customer disputes that we will be unable to support with Shopify Payments". This makes no sense because there are hundreds of shopify stores with the same business model to mine. I did not even receive a clear explanation on why my business was identified as presenting an elevated level of risk for customer disputes. They just disabled my shopify payments with no explanation.

Literally all I was going to sell on shopify was pre-orders for a mechanical keyboard kit that I designed myself. The processing and shipping time would've been around 3 months but that was clearly stated on the FAQ and shipping policy so that couldn't have been the issue. I even posted a couple blog posts of the product on my shopify store to show that it was fully working. So why is it that only my shopify store had shopify payments removed? I've spoke to other similar shopify store owners about this issue and they have all said that it must've been a mistake because they had no issues at all.