My Shopify Store is Currently Unavailable ! Help Me!

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Dear Shopify Team,


 I noticed My shop was closed. When I was about to log in, I found that I could not log in. The current message I saw was ( is currently unavailable.) I did not receive an email from the Shopify customer team before. ! So I feel very puzzled, I especially want my shop! I have been trying to appeal, but I don’t know how to appeal, and I don’t know why my shop suddenly cannot be opened. Can anyone help me?

Firstly, I want to introduce my business in detail. Our company has been deeply engaged in the field of jerseys for many years. We are now the industry leader in online custom uniforms and apparel, and our product line includes jerseys and apparel for American football, baseball, basketball , softball, football, and many other sports. We have worked with large companies, small businesses, groups, events, teams, sports fans and individuals. Our new customer know us maily from FB ads, and some from their friends' recommendation. We ship all of our product from our warehouse in China. We use chukou1 and DHL express company  to ship our parcel, the best logistics in China. Generally it takes about 8-10 working days to deliver the parcel. But if epidemic happens, the shipping time may cost more.

Secondly, though our web was closed now, we always persist in providing a fast communication for clients via social media

Facebook, instagram,SMS and email. Pls refer to the documents:communicattion screenshot  of jerseysdiy.  And also we ship the parcel in time, you can also refer the XLS document: the status of Jerseysdiy We are honest to do business. You can see we received many positive comments about our products and services.  In the future 6 months, we plan to sell 1500 products every month. And spring is our sale season, our sale may be bigger than prediction.

Actually in the beginning, I just want to bring the best Chinese jersey design and craft to the world. There are a lot of excellent designers in China, and a lot of top-quality suppliers in China. But few Chinese brands really appear the international stage. And with the time I spent in my business, I want to provide not only  a stage for the best Chinese designer and supplier, but also unique DIY Jersey  helping people in the world look the best. We find the best design, use the best material and craft, and sell the best price. We hope every people can afford at least one piece of DIY Jersey and enjoy her best and unique time.   

In light of these facts, we indeed need to get your help to help us restart our store.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and the attached document. If you need to get our company’more detail, pls kindly to let us know in time, we will cooperate with your team. I do believe shopify is fair company to help us look into this issue.

All the best,






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you should get in touch with Shopify support at


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