My account has been inactive for almost 2 weeks without any explanation.

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I received a message from a customer 2 weeks ago saying that they thought something was wrong with my website. I checked it, and found out my site was "inactive". I immediately contacted Shopify, I was told by support someone would reach out to me...... fast forward almost 2 weeks later, nothing! No emails no calls, chat support has read me the same script every-time I call. I have contacted chat support everyday since then, no knows anything and says wait on an email. I hate to feel that if I were a larger company, I would get better service. This is probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Word of advice please back up your site and information, just incase you wake up one day and its gone without.a trace or explanation. Ive put so much work into my business and spent so much money to have it just snatched from me. I really don't see how Shopify can say they care about small businesses.

Please help!