My account was Hacked

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I recently was notified that my account had been hacked. They went into my store created items for ungodly amounts and then tried to purchase and return those items, totalling $11,000. They began sending out fake emails to shopify customers about late payments that came from my account. 

I have changed my password, etc. But now my account is saying it is unable to withdraw funds from my account totalling some $300. I don't want to re enter my bank info in fear that I will be charged for something that was out of my hands and honestly i'm not even sure what that money would be for. 

I have gone in circles trying to figure out how to speak with someone over the phone or on a chat but Shopify, I have found, has the most abysmal customer support I have seen on any platform in the course of working in many different retail environments. 

Has anyone else had this experience? HELP!