My dropshipping store is not getting any sales?

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Hi guys, I made a store recently and I have advertised for about 100$. I'm only 17 so I don't have a lot of capital to start out with. I got about 100 store interactions but I have not gotten any sales. My domain is and I think the store looks okay but please give me critique so I can make it better.


Do you think the products are irrelevant?

Where should I advertise it? Facebook, influencers, Pinterest?


Thanks for answers.


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Hi @chargersupply, this is Larry from the Spocket team!


One of the components of getting sales is being able to reach an audience and entice them to purchase with you. Understanding how to market your store is a big part of driving sales. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to increase sales on your store:

  • Do you have Google Analytics installed? This will allow you to track what pages your visitors are visiting and help you see where they are leaving your site. It’ll also help you determine what the audience is interacting with your site the most. 
  • Have you heard of the Spocket Academy? It offers courses tailored for dropshippers to help them understand marketing. Some classes even focus on converting your high traffic into sales! If you’re interested in taking a course to optimize your store, you can find the Spocket Academy here.

I like how you’ve designed your store, it looks very professional. One thing I would do is include social media channels so that customers can see the full brand experience from your store. If you want more store tips, Spocket also has an official Facebook group where you can join over 45 000 entrepreneurs like yourself and ask for feedback. Hope this helps!