My first product, very clear target group - ready for shopify?

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I am very new to all this online marketing stuff and i just want a little feedback for what i am planning to do.


I have a small start-up with actually one product, produced by myself. It's not ready yet (still prototyping but almost final), however, it is a a third party accessory for one specific electronic device. So the target group is very very very simple to describe. Like "every person who bought device xy or knows one who owns it is my potential customer". The device i want to sell can be produced in large quantitys, so the "business" is highly scalable. The other advantage is, that my product is unrivaled yet.


The online-markting should only search these persons and adress them directly.


Do you think shopify offers such straight forward marketing tools that are simple suitable for my simple needs?

Or can you tell me how to find a partner who can take over the marketing and can be payed per sale?


Please excuse my bad english, and i appreciate every tipp and comment here :-)


I want to generate as much sells as possible because we can produce 10, 100 or even 10.000 pieces in no time. 

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my opinion is that shopify is quite complex to set up for most sales....and you ought look to making your own web site if possible..  and using pay pal as a way of getting paid. open a paypal account first and you need a current bank account to do that and possible id  verification.