My footer dissapeared after adding social icon code from footer into header

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I tried to put the social media symbols on top of my header.

With this code :

<div class="site-header__section{% unless section.settings.show_social_icons or section.settings.show_payment_icons %} site-header__section--center{% endunless %}">
{% if section.settings.show_social_icons %}
<div class="site-header__social-icons flex-header__item--one-third">
{% include 'social-links', disableTab: true, largeIcons: false %}
{% endif %}

The same code you use too put the social icons on the footer but I did added it for the header.

it did worked but after that the footer is no longer visible on the homepage.

even when I delete the code it's still doesn't appear.

What should I do?

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