My shopify site dropped sales totally everything checks out ok.

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Is there a way that anyone can stop sales my compitition hates me i haven't got a o order in a month and I'm advertising on Bing and Google please help im putting thousands of dollars ad spend and nothing. Please check my website ..

Thanks in advance





Hey @Catdoggy123 

When you check your store metrics are prospective buyers adding to the cart or are they just landing on the page and leaving? A few things could be causing this:

1: Ad Management- Has anything changed in terms of keywords, location, etc? Changes to what you were doing before can heavily impact who is viewing your site, I find that changing from a niche audience to a more broad audience often times leads to more clicks but less conversions.

2: Customers Are Unable To Checkout- If prospective buyers are adding to their cart but not getting through the transaction their might be a problem with your payments. Run a test to make sure there is not an issue on the back end with Shopify payments or your payment provider.

3: Site Design/Layout Has Changed- Have you made any design updates ? Sometimes when we make design changes it can make the checkout process confusing.

If you can give me a little more info and I can help narrow down what the cause is. 

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