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I've been running ads now for 2 weeks, getting 3000 Clicks from $200 spent. Out of these clicks only 50 got added to cart, and 35 reached checkout. Out of those only 1 bought the product.


What am I doing wrong?

The site is

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Hey @!

Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I can see that you have your password page up, so I can't take a look at your site to offer some feedback on the front end experience. 

However, I would like to ask for a little more detail on your campaigns you've run so far. Did you conduct some market research initially that indicated this method of marketing would be the most suitable way to target your key demographic with your marketing budget? Who is your target demographic? What are their behaviours and interests? Have you created some marketing personas

What did your marketing plan look like? 

Not all traffic is equal, so if you're finding that this particular audience isn't converting, chances are you are targeting the wrong audience. 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @Matt1997 

I don't think advertising can only rely on Facebook ads. You need to find more channels. If you can't find a place to promote yourself for free, then maybe you can look at this.
Everyone now has a store of their own. If you can’t get more customers, you will be in a lot of losses. Dropshipper can now try to promote it yourself.

However, earning money at TikTok does not need to be so complicated. You can do this in a simpler way. You do not require to invest money to acquire ads or compensation reds to promote. You just require to put all the products in your store in the form of videos Bring it over.

table of Contents
  • What is the TikTok App?
  • dropshipping and TikTok
  • How to Make Use Of Tik Tok for Advertising And Marketing.
  • Advertising Making use of App’s Functions.
  • Creating & Reusing Sounds.
  • Dance Challenges.
  • Duets & Results.

What is the TikTok App?

With such quick growth, some TikTok makers have become wildly popular and also have drawn in outdoors attention. One user was also signed with a talent company off the rear of a viral message.

Various other big businesses have actually been clambering for a piece of the action too.

In September 2019, the NFL authorized a multi-year collaboration to share video game highlights and also behind-the-scenes material with TikTok individuals. On the other hand, a mix of top-level people, teams, and outlets have additionally emerged as prominent TikTok profiles including Will Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk, The Washington Post, and also Oriental young boy band, BTS.

dropshipping and TikTok

Numerous dropshippers are now energetic here. They register their accounts, release item guidelines, product introductions, and share daily life. In this way, they can connect with customers, whether they are brand-new clients or old consumers, as well as they can be attracted. This way will make the customer trust fund him more, as well as the item will certainly be shown more with ease.

Certainly, if you can introduce the product from an unique viewpoint, or share making use of the product in a variety of means, and even spoof, after that you will likely arrive over night, particularly after TikTok joins the purchase web link, this way of drawing in customers Ended up being much more popular.

For dropshipping to succeed, three points depend on the option of products and seven factors depend on the procedure. If people who can not allow their shop items appear in the eyes of the people, after that the shop is primarily closed, so they will certainly need to advertise, whether it is Facebook or Google, Where dropshipper requires to spend money.

But if it is TikTok, after that every little thing will be much simpler. First, you don’t require to spend any kind of advertising costs, and you don’t require to ask others to present your very own products. These can be done by yourself. If you have a special concept about making videos, also You can make the product introduction extremely amazing, or straight arrange it right into a brief life film to reveal the numerous uses and gameplay of the product, and also even spoof your own products, which can allow you to obtain several followers and also orders.

How to Make Use Of Tik Tok for Advertising And Marketing.

So exactly how can stores harness the power of Tik Tok? You need to ask. Tik Tok, in its current form, has just been around considering that late 2018, as well as these are quite very early days in the Tik Tok advertising round. Although there might be modifications ahead. In the future, the following are the popular ways a business can make use of the application for advertising:.

1. Creating a Profile.

Most likely, the most inexpensive means to begin Tik Tok marketing is to create a profile, generate content, and also develop an audience. However, there is a fine art to make video clips that are two-pronged-promoting your brand and also bring in viewers.

Individuals on the application just do not use it to watch Tik Tok commercials. Any type of company that means to get involved need to have a good understanding of the sort of web content that is preferred prior to starting an account-worry not; there is a cheat sheet to that impact.

2.Pay-Official Tik Tok advertisements.

Paying for advertisements appears obvious if Tik Tok advertisements get discussed. However, currently the choice is geographically restrictive, therefore only offered in some countries and has a prohibitive price tag also. Paid Tik Tok might can be found in different types including:.

  • Pre-roll advertisements: Video clips begins as quickly as user open the app.
  • In-feed advertisements: Video clip looks like user scrolls.
  • Promote hashtag obstacles: Videos urge customers to send using a customized hashtags.Branded effects: A makers’ custom-made impact filters for videos-resembles those on Instagram and Snapchat but functions brand-specific info.

Of course, due to limitations, the content here is incomplete, you should check this for important information.  If you don’t know how to use TikTok, don’t do dropshipping 

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Hey @Matt1997 

Welcome to Shopify! I can understand how low sales can be frustrating. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you figure out which changes might have the maximum impact on the conversions - 

  • run analytics to see where you're getting maximum traffic from - which sources. Then see at which point in the store are they dropping off the most. That'll give you an idea about what should be improved in your store - is it the catalog or checkout page etc.
  • it's a good idea to get a chat option in the store. It'll help you chat with your shoppers directly and understand what their concerns are. 
  • you can add an exit intent pop up. Right before the shopper is about to leave your store, you can trigger a dialog box that offers them additional discount (or any other offer). It can tip them over to purchase the product immediately.
  • Be upfront about all your shipping charges and taxes. If these charges are calculated right at the end, the shopper might drop off without going till the end.
  • you can look at adding some social proofing and urgency to the store by adding labels to your products. If you have a variety of labels you can help in nudging the shopper to make faster decisions while browsing. Shopify has some apps you can check for this purpose.

Do let me know if this is useful for you.

Hope to hear from you soon! Till then, good luck and do stay safe!


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